Hi! I'm Elizabeth.

I am a style expert, wardrobe consultant and founder of Nostalchicks.

For the chicks ūüź• who take style seriously and not so seriously.

Hi friends! 

My name is Elizabeth and I spent many years in the fashion industry. From working in retail management and visual merchandising since I was young to launching my own wardrobe styling business Elizabeth Jones Styling in 2013. From there I went on to become an on-air style expert on TV having been on over 150 live TV segments across the country including LA, Washington DC and CT. 

I've been featured in numerous fashion publications such as Reader's Digest and Glam and partnered with some of the biggest fashion retailers for brand collaborations. 

I have always been in love with fashion since I was a young girl but I have also loved all things Disney, pop culture and nostalgia. I realized that there weren't any options that mixed all of my favorite things. If I found some of the pop culture inspired stuff I felt it lacked the fashion and vice versa. I wanted to create something for someone who loved all the same things I did! That is how our tagline "For the chicks who take themselves seriously and not so seriously" came to be. I hope you are able to create fabulous and fun memories in our pieces and live your best #nostalchick life!

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